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What can you do on Elba if you don’t dive?
Dive-mad friends needs not prevent you from having a thoroughly good time: Elba caters for you too!

Enjoy the sea
You can swim, snorkel with mark and boccaglio, maybe even join a group led by a professional guide who can show you the characteristics of local sea life in complete safety. Or you can simply enjoy the sun on the golden sandy beaches such as that at Lacona or at the granite and quartz sand that you will find at Cavoli, or the shining black pebbles at Topinetti and Fiammingo (between Cavo and Rio Marina), or the many others on the island, listening to the sound of the waves breaking on the seashore.
Parents tip: the beach at Lacona is perfect for youngsters – extensive sand and a gentle entry into the sea

Canoeing kayaking
The more active amongst you or the canoeing buffs can hire canoes and kayaks and discover the variety offered by the indented coast of Elba , sunlight reflected from the polished rocks eroded by the action of the sea and the wind, and the hidden bays that are not accessible from land. An alternative way to enjoy the show is to rent a small boat from the various ports on the island or join guided excursions leaving each day from the various tourist centres along the coast.

Go walking
For those who love trekking, the island offers a magnificent way of getting to know it and of entering into contact with nature, and the history that has made it what it is over the years. There are many paths that cross the island passing through inland villages, areas of Mediterranean shrubland and holm oak woods, rising up to the higher areas of green hills or steep mountain paths between granite masses, volcanic rocks and precious minerals hidden under the surface, so much so that in the past the island was known as “Pluto’s treasure chest”.
Parents tip: youngsters love minerals and brightly coloured rocks. There is plenty of information available.

Go mountain biking
Keen cyclists will find rising the paths that cross the island exhilarating. The hard work involved in steep climbs and long paths through woodlands or unpaved areas is amply repaid with breathtaking views that you will find on your trip. Various organizations on Elba organize groups and guided cycle rides and hire bikes and all necessary equipment (bring your own water).

Learn about the culture of Elba
Why not take advantage of a trip to Elba to discover something about its fascinating history, visiting the remains of ancient Etruscan and Roman villages or even earlier still of the “ilvati”, the first inhabitants of the island, exploring medieval towns, towers, churches and fortresses that will tell you of the many events the island has witnessed and the invasions it has undergone (barbarians and then the Saracens), the pirate quests (of Barbarossa and Dragut), and domination by first the Spanish and then the French, to the brief period spent on Elba by Napoleon himself. In the many local archaeological and historical museums you can find valuable information and news about the other source of riches that has shaped the history of the island: its mineral wealth. flowered on Elba since the time of the Etruscans and the Romans and probably also even earlier than that . Greek seafarers tell that from the sea the island was recognisable from a distance by way of the furnaces for metal smelting that were constantly alight. The exploitation of the mines has accompanied island life throughout its history and the last iron ore mines were only closed at the start of the 1980s, while grantite quarries still remain.

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