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Dive Sites

Elba's coastline is famous for beauty of its seabed: the available dive sites are many and each one deserves more than one visit to be fully appreciated. Here are some descriptions of the nearest dives to our HQ.


Fonza 1 (also known as Corallina Interna)
Depth: from 3- 40 m
Difficulty: easy-intermediate-difficult
Characteristics: the shallow top is a south-facing crest that almost breaks the surface. The western side descends gradually to a sandy seafloor, whilst to the East there is a sheer drop of approx 40 m tot he sandy seabed. On this wall there are numerous cracks in the rocks we find moray and conger eels, lobsters, and large quantities of red coral.

Fonza 2 (also known as Corallina Esterna)
Depth: from 5 - 45 m
Difficulty: easy-intermediate
Characteristics: this shallow rock formation lies further out to sea than that at Cape Fonza. The drop starts at 4-5 m and continues to the sandy seafloor at almost 45 m. At the base on the eastern face there is a cave the entrance to which is covered by red coral branches.

Scoglio Corbella
Depth: from 7 - 50 m
Difficulty: easy-intermediate
Characteristics: this is a series of emerging rocks that reach the surface near to Capo Stella. The seafloor is characterised mostly by large rocks that have become home for octopus and groupers, and are the hunting grounds find moray and conger eels and other predators. Particularly noteworthy on the eastern side is the area lying below approx 27-30 m with a extensive area of paramuricee (or red gorgonians). An ideal site for night dives.

Scoglio Corbelli
Depth: from 10 - 40 m
Difficulty: easy-intermediate
Characteristics: formed of various different rocks lying to the SW of the Gemini islands. A canyon 12 m deep separates the two largest areas of rock. Here the rock walls are covered by colonies of parazhoantus (margherite di mare). On the wall facing west you can also see gorgonians, sponges, lobster lairs and octopus. The site is ideal for underwater photography.

Sasso che bara
Depth: from 7 - 35 m
Difficulty: easy
Characteristics: The dive is to the east of the Capo Stella promontory, just a few minutes in the dinghy from our dive centre. However it offers a splendid overview of underwater life on the island. Closer to a rock that seems to be on the point of falling, there is a large pinnacle that descends from approx 7 m to 35 m and reaches the sandy seabed and the remains of a wooden boat. On the wall parazhoantus, yellow gorgonians, sponges and myriapora truncata are easily visible, and inhabitants include lobsters and conger eels.

Scoglio Triglia
Depth: from 15 - 35 m
Difficulty: easy
Characteristics: almost facing Marina di Campo, this emerging rock the shape of which is similar to a triglia (red mullet) is famous for the presence of a small statue of the praying Madonna, and the dive is ideal for beginners. The dive also offers a beautiful view of the huge scope of benthic life (rock outcrops) such as orange parazhoantus, and large shoals local fish: conger and moray eels, scorpion fish and occasional predators out hunting such as barracuda and breams (common dentex).

Secca della Focacciola
Depth: from 3 - 25 m
Difficulty: easy
Characteristics: the shallow rock formation lying to the SW of the most outlying Gemini island presents various holes and crevices that create a charming game with light and shadows. There are numerous inhabitants such as moray and conger eels, some octopus, and fish that surround you during the dive. In a sandy stretch separating the shallow water from Gemini island a monument has been placed in memory of the free-diver/apneist Jacques Mayol who lived on Elba for several years .

There are lots more dives which we haven’t set out on this page but that we hope to have the chance to take you to in the very near future!

Possibility of longer trips to the Secche di Pianosa for groups of at least 8: costs on request.

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